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Evening Prayer

At the close of the day, thank God for His unfailing assistance, perform an examen and ask that your strength be rejuvenated for the next day. Set aside 10-15 minutes right before bed to plead for His protection in a systematic way, assisted by indulgenced prayers and those written by the saints.

Examples of Evening Prayers

This is a reiteration of the section on morning prayers. You could choose just one source, or compile your own list of prayers from multiple sources.

Traditional Roman Catholic Missal

Evening Prayers can usually be found in either the front or back section of a missal, mixed in with devotions for Communion and other necessary prayers. Any good old missal would do: Angelus Press (SSPX), Baronius Press (FSSP), Fr. Lasance, St. Andrew's.

Christian Warfare

This big blue book is a veritable encyclopedia of prayers, with a Morning Prayer section right in the front.

Young Man's Guide

This classic by Fr. Lasance is great Confirmation gift and contains prayers well-suited for the masculine spirit. When purchasing, be very sure that the devotions in the back are not excised; this is an unfortunate habit for modern reprints.

Catholic Girl's Guide

The feminine version of the above. The same caveats apply.

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