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"Every Christian, even farmers and labourers, should reserve a certain time for study each week" (Christian Warfare, pg. 394). Allotting 10-30 minutes a day to the reading of solid Catholic literature will effectively fortify one against the subterfuges volleyed by the world.

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Chapel Community Library
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Catholic Book Lists and Links (14 Entries)

No need to reinvent the wheel. Many generous and brainy souls have made it easy for you to start your Catholic library.

Meaning of Catholic

List of essential Catholic titles. The parent Resources page offers beneficial content on additional topics.

Dr. Taylor Marshall

The doctor comes in and prescribes 100 Catholic books for a decade of reading.

Fish Eaters

Links to PDFs of many solid Catholic writings.

Saints' Books

Links to PDFs of many solid Catholic writings.

Traditional Catholic

Links to PDFs of many solid Catholic writings.

Catholic Apologetics

Links to PDFs of many solid Catholic writings.

Free Traditional Catholic Books

Hundreds of links to Catholic works of the saints. The link below goes to Part I of the English list. There is also a Part II in English and a list of Spanish works, all accessible from the tabs on top.

Sensus Fidelium

A clunky website, to be sure, but it's still a storehouse of great Catholic content. Many different subject pages (Liturgical, Apologetics, etc.), and even the Spanish version of the site has unique content.

Papal Encyclicals

Awesome website with English translations of centuries worth of papal teaching. The e-Reader download option seems to be broken currently, but if you're savvy with the Wayback Machine you can easily access these files. Recordings of some encyclicals can be found on LibriVox and YouTube.

New Advent

Known as the storehouse of the Catholic Encyclopedia, it also contains the complete Summa Theologica and Ante-Nicene, Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, with important topics hyperlinked throughout all the titles.

eCatholic 2000

A really old-school site with a plethora of Catholic books as webpages. It is "under new management" so hopefully things don't get monkeyed with.

Catholic eBooks Project

Blog with hundreds of posts detailing great Catholic books and several ways to download. Includes very organized Index / Category pages and a catch-all Sources page for more rabbit-hole finds.

Catholic Saints EBooks

Collection of almost 400 eBooks with the ability to download all at once.

Isidore Calibre Library

Almost any Catholic work under the sun as an eBook. Search around for individual titles, or if you're an adventurous Linux user, mirror the nearly 200GB library.

Catholic Audiobooks (7 Entries)

Recordings of spiritual classics for the Catholic on the go.

Sensus Fidelium

Over 10k videos, including many recordings of books they have featured on their site.

Catholic Saints Info

Sister YouTube channel of Catholic Saints EBooks.

Catholic Audio Books

Links to outside recordings of Catholic books, usually LibriVox. It has a really well-organized Pages section on the right side.

Alleluia Audiobooks

Great Catholic works converted to mp3 and ready to listen on your smart device or burn onto a CD.

Classic Catholic Audiobooks

YouTube channel with hundreds of unabridged recordings of classic spiritual texts.

Priory Librarian

Another YouTube channel, with some more obscure spiritual works.

Traditional Catholic Audiobooks

Yet another YouTube channel.

Other Helpful Databases (10 Entries)

In the case where you're sure something is out there that's not captured in the links above, you can try your hand at searching though these general sites.

Scans of millions of books from all the world's libraries. Even works under copyright can be borrowed on an hour-long basis (pending availability).

Google Books

Scans of old books and publication details on newer ones. Sometimes it helps toggling between the classic and new versions of the website if you're having trouble finding something specific.

Anna's Archive

A nerdier version of of the above two.


Many public domain works in HTML format with the ability to export into formats like PDF and ePub. PRO-TIP: on the left column, select "Print/export > Other formats" and then select "Bypass all caching" on the bottom in order to export the entire work without Internet hyperlinks.

Project Gutenberg

The original ePub repository. Also check out the UKCA and AU variants.

Calibre eBook Management

Speaking of ePubs (and eBooks in general), they cannot be opened on desktops with common document software like Word and Adobe. Thankfully, the learning curve for using Calibre is extremely shallow. (Now, if you happen to be a Linux or Android power user, check out KOReader.)


Free audio recordings of books in the public domain. You sometimes get what you pay for.

Links Galore

An exceptionally detailed Google Sheet with links to PDF scans of multi-volume Catholic academic works.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Good for really old texts (i.e., Patristics), though the translations could be suspect.

Internet Sacred Text Archive

Same as above, with the added inconvenience of having to sieve through pagan titles.

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